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I am not a lawyer, this topic just interests me so I did some research and made a short index of a summary. A summary of the HIPPA, COPPA, and FTC Act in the same style can be found here.


Protects personal data

Personal information is information that identifies, relates to, or could reasonably be linked with you or your household:
- name
- email address
- e-commerce history
- browsing history
- anything else that could uniquely profile you
- NOT to anonymized data

of California residents


Under CCPA, citizens have rights to

You cannot be discriminated against for exercising your CCPA rights (you cannot be denied serives or provided inferior services)

Who must comply

CCPA applies to businesses that

Filing Requests

Other Notes


Protects “personal data” (as broadly interpreted as possible)

The data subjects are identifiable if they can be directly or indirectly identified, especially by reference to an identifier such as:
- a name
- location data
- online identifier
- telephone
- account data
- appearance
or one of several special characteristics, which expresses the 
physical/physiological/genetic/mental/commercial/cultural/social identity of these individuals

of EU citizens. This only applies to EU citizens in EU countries, unless an international data processor is knowingly/intentionally (targetting them with their design/marketing) processing data of EU citizens regularly, at which point it may be held liable under the regulation. US surveillance practices have been specifically discussed recently, concluding that only necessary and proportionate data collection is allowed, and creating an independent court for review to redress violations.


Complaints and Penalities

Other Notes


CCPA: leginfo.ca.gov | oag.ca.gov

GDPR: gpdr-info.eu | edps.europa.eu | ec.europa.eu